Configuration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration for Online E-mail Router

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Published: 23rd October 2012
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The Microsoft Exchange Online is the hosted service of enterprise messaging of Microsoft that offers robust capabilities for Microsoft Exchange Server like cloud-related service. The Online E-mail Router of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration having Nov 2009 updates is enhanced for integrating with the Exchange Online that may serve like E-mail service supplier to the Microsoft CRM Customization. This new Router utilizes EWS (Exchange Web Services) as a communication protocol opposed to the HTTP-DAV that was utilized for the earlier Exchange servers.


  • Online subscription of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Online mailboxes of Microsoft Exchange

  • The Online E-mail Router of Microsoft Dynamics CRM installed on-premises

CRM Integration Steps

Users as well as Queues in the CRM Customization may be configured for using E-mail Router to process incoming Online Exchange as well as outgoing e-mails of CRM Customization. To use these functionalities, Queues and Users must have legitimate email addresses as well as select the E-mail Routers for incoming as well as outgoing E-mail admission kinds. It may be set by the administrator or the users having appropriate permissions.

CRM Integration Users

Just go to the Settings->Administration->Users and organize user records as provided.

Entity users may select the e-mails from particular Exchange Online mailbox for Tracking CRM Integration. It may be selected by going to Tools->Options-> E-mail tab.

CRM Queues

Just go to the Settings->Business Management->Queues and organize Queue as provided.

In line through Users, the Queue structure also offers flexibility of selecting desired category e-mails that require being encouraged to the Microsoft CRM Integration.

Online E-mail Router and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

After Router is installed, launch Configuration Manager of E-mail Router through Start-> All Programs-> Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router. You will get three major tabs in Configuration Manager.

Relationship Profiles

To configure E-mail Router, one first needs to create incoming as well as more outgoing relationship profiles. All these profiles contain details regarding e-mail server as well as authentication techniques that E-mail Router may use for connecting to e-mail server as well as transfer the e-mail messages and from Online organization of Dynamics CRM Customization. You produce configuration profiles with Configuration Profiles tab within Manager of E-mail Router relationship.


After creating configuration profiles, which you desire, you have to define minimum one deployment. The details, which you enter in Deployment area, can be utilized by E-mail Router for connecting the Dynamics CRM Customization Online deployment.

Queues, Users, and Advance Mailboxes

After configuring profiles as well as deployment recognized, you manage queues, users, and advance mailboxes, which will be utilized by E-mail Router for routing Microsoft Dynamics e-mail messages Online. You control all the items on Queues, Users, and advance Mailboxes tab with Configuration Manager of E-mail Router.

Producing Outgoing Profile for Exchange Online

  • In Manager Tool of the E-mail Router Configuration, click on the tab called Configuration Profiles, and click on New tab.

  • Type the profile name. For instance, type the Outgoing Email of ExchangeOnline.

  • Click on the Outgoing tab in Direction list.

  • Verify if the ExchangeOnline is chosen in Type list of E-mail Server.

  • The only verification Type permitted is called “Clear Text”

  • Note: It is secure because SSL is needed on ExchangeOnline alternative.

  • Type name of web services URL of Exchange Online server.

  • The Router will have access to Exchange Online server within Access Credentials listing.

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